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Hardwood floors: Sanding & refinishing

Hardwood sanding and refinishing is a great investment for your Northern VA home. Hardwood floors will increase your home's resale value; go very well with almost any type of décor; and can last for as much as ten more years when properly cared for. Part of proper care for your hardwood floors is sanding and refinishing them when the finish becomes worn or damaged and loses its original luster. When your hardwood flooring begins to look dull, the professionals at Loudoun Valley Floors can solve that problem at far less cost than replacing your hardwood floor would be.
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Time and traffic can damage your hardwood

After several years, hardwood floors may start to look worn and dull. Heavy traffic can erode the finish. In addition, dents may show up in the floor from being walked on in cleats or in high heels. Moreover, if you move heavy furniture across your hardwood floor, this can be responsible for deep scratches and gouges, some which may go through the surface and all the way down into to the wood. If the preceding isn’t enough, pet paws can leave small nicks in the finish, and big dogs can actually gouge out chunks with their nails; dropped children's toys can also add to the damage. The thinner the finish on a hardwood floor, the easier it becomes for moisture to enter the material and lead to permanent damage. Hardwood sanding and refinishing are the most economic solution for these problems.

Sanding and refinishing your hardwood is also a way to completely change the atmosphere of a room, even if the floor isn't damaged at all. The finish is what gives the wood most of its color, so changing to a different finish can give you a dramatic a new look.

Loudoun Valley Floors offers the fastest, cleanest, and most effective hardwood sanding and refinishing in Northern Virginia. We're in the business of restoring the original beauty to your hardwood floors at an affordable cost.