In case you missed it, December 12 was National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day in Purceville, VA, and many people are truly glad that that day has come and gone. While Ugly Sweater Day may not be the oddest event to take place during the past holiday season, it certainly was one of them. While many homeowners were bringing in a hardwood refinishing installer to make the home look fantastic, others were digging through racks for the most unusual sweater in the Purceville area.
A local paper reported some details on the event:  

“Re-Love It in Purcellville has eliminated some of the search for the world's ugliest Christmas sweater, amassing “possibly the largest selection of ugly Christmas sweaters for sale in one location for the entire Greater Washington D.C. Area. 'It is the hottest fad for holiday parties right now,' said Re-Love It co-owner Michael Oaks. Oaks said the store has sold hundreds of the more than 1,000 sweaters in stock.”

Source: <a href="">Purcellville’s Re-Love It ready for national Ugly Sweater Day</a> by Loudoun Times-Mirror Staff.
If you are one of those who takes pride in looking their worse and having people giggle about your unique sweater design, don't worry. The event will probably return next year. And if you are one of those who wished you had brought in a professional hardwood refinishing installer to work on your old hardwood floors, you are still in luck.

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