​When most people think of hiring a hardwood floor refinishing service, they think of the new beauty that comes from those services. This only makes sense, as refinishing old wood floors truly does bring those floors back to life with a new shine and luster. But, there are other benefits that homeowners get when they have their old flooring refinished. At Loudoun Valley Floors, we perform these services, and we would like to share a few new thoughts with you about the benefits of hardwood floor refinishing.

Quality hardwood flooring can last for years before it gets to the point where it needs to be resurfaced or refinished. During these years, it must be remembered by the homeowner that the surface finish or wax is slowly wearing off. As these protective coatings are lost, the underlying wood becomes vulnerable to damage. The main type of damage comes from moisture and water. Wood and water do not mix, and when they come together, damage is almost certain to follow.
​The types of damage that you see when moisture gets into the wood fiber are numerous. Buckling and swelling are two of the most common and most expensive to repair. However, you will also find discoloration, spotting, and sun damage as well. Fortunately, all of these can be prevented by taking advantage of our hardwood floor refinishing service. How?

When you allow us to refinish your hardwood flooring, we will strip off the old surface, sand the planking to make it incredibly smooth, and then apply new finishes (which you choose). In essence, you get a brand new surface to your flooring that is now fully able to protect your flooring planks from all sorts of problems. And, yes, you also get that new floor look that everyone in Purcellville loves.

As the holiday season is now upon us, consider having your old wood flooring restored to new. We can do this for you, and do it for a lot less money than you might think. Call us or visit our showroom in Purcellville, VA and let us tell you about our hardwood floor refinishing service.