​With the New Year now here, is it time to consider calling us about our professional hardwood floor refinishing service? At Loudoun Valley Floors in Purcellville, VA, we have been bringing new life to old wood flooring for years now, and we would love to do the same for your hardwood flooring. But, why choose us when there are other companies you can turn to? Here are a few reasons why we think you will find us helpful in making your decision.

We are very confident that our professional refinishing teams are some of the best in this area of Virginia. When you rely upon our hardwood floor refinishing service, you get trained, experienced, and skilled workers who know what they are doing, and know how to do what needs to be done. Having the right people is crucial to getting the best results.
Here are a couple of reasons why skill and experience are so important. First, while all the steps in refinishing your wood flooring are important, one of the most critical involves sanding down the existing surface of the flooring. This is a process that requires both heavy sanding and fine sanding. In both cases, the right equipment, the right grades of sandpaper, and the right “touch” have to be employed if you want a floor that shines without blemishes.

When you hire us for our hardwood floor refinishing service, our team will use modern and effective dust-collecting equipment and techniques to ensure that your home is left clean. We also remove all the associated debris.

Another important step that requires skill and expertise, is the application of your new finish. If one is not familiar with the proper methods of applications, the chances of getting an outstanding result drop significantly. And, just so you know, when you take advantage of our professional hardwood floor refinishing service, you can change the color tone, in most cases, of your floor. If you ever wanted to make a change, now, would be the time to do it.

For those who want to bring new life to their wood flooring this New Year, come by  Loudoun Valley Floors in Purcellville, VA, and we will happily answer any questions that you may have about our hardwood floor refinishing service.