If you live in, or around, Purcellville, VA, you may already know that Loudoun Valley Floors carries some of the best flooring in town. However, did you know we also offer the best hardwood floor refinishing service in town? It is true. For years, we have been serving homeowners with refinishing their wood floors, and we can help you as well.

As you probably already know, wood flooring will dull over time. This is normal, and it happens to even the finest flooring. Dulling can occur for many reasons. Foot traffic is certainly the most common reason, but things like exposure to direct sunlight, or being covered with area rugs, can also cause dulling, fading, or discoloration to occur. But, there are ways to correct these issues.
When you take advantage of our professional hardwood floor refinishing service, we can handle all of the above problems and more. Because we have years of experience in resurfacing wood flooring, we know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. This expertise is important, because it assures you that you will get the very best results. If you have ever seen a hardwood floor that was not refinished properly, you already know how important that this type of work be performed correctly.

While we offer the best in hardwood refinishing, we offer our services at prices that are very affordable. We work hard to keep our flooring priced low, and we work equally hard to keep our hardwood floor refinishing service affordable, too. No one wants to pay more than they have to, and we make sure that when you shop with us you never will.

So, if your wood floors are looking tired and old, come visit us at Loudoun Valley Floors in Purcellville, VA and let us tell you more about how our hardwood floor refinishing service can bring your old floors back to life.