Are you searching for a dependable local flooring products dealer to help you with a planned home remodeling project? Obviously, there is no shortage of possible dealer candidates for you to select from. However, what steps should you take to determine which one will best suit your needs, prove to be reliable and provide professional quality services? 
The key is to find a trustworthy dealer, with a solid reputation in your community that will do what they say, when they say it will be done, and stand fully behind their products and services. Here are some steps you might take to locate the flooring retailer that you need to help you get your home remodeling project underway:  
  • First, ask friends and neighbors: Getting a recommendation from a trusted source will save you a lot of time and aggravation. Ask about their experience with the flooring retailer and if would deal with them again from them again. 
  • Search the Internet: If you can’t get a recommendation from anybody nearby, go to Google or any other major search engine and search for ‘flooring retailers’. Naturally, you’ll want to find one as close to where you live as possible.
  • Research a few flooring dealers: Once you have a few local candidates, go to their web sites and read through them. These dealer web sites should be up-to-date and have information such as: How long they’ve been in business; details about the flooring products they carry and professional experience. If you don’t find enough on their web sites to satisfy you, check to see if they have pages on social media, such as a Face Book page that includes customer testimonials. If you have enough information from the web site, social media and a recommendation, you should be able to justify paying them a visit in person. 
  • Visit More than one dealer: Once you’ve found several flooring dealers, you should probably visit each store before you make a final decision about who to deal with. How does their retail facility look? Does it look to be in need of repairs? Is the store’s interior neat, clean and inviting? When you entered, was the flooring professional friendly, knowledgeable and helpful?  
  • Price: Try not to make cost your most important concern. Naturally we’re all interested in saving money, but it’s hard to actually determine what you will have to spend until you select the right new flooring product. A flooring dealer that really offers good customer service will send a professional out to look at your residence before quoting you a price. It really isn’t necessary to have the dealer separate the installation cost from the product cost provided that you get everything you need included in your cost estimate. 
  • Warranties:  Don’t forget to ask for your product and installation warrantees before the job begins. And, keep in mind that many flooring product manufacturers may refuse to honor their own warranties unless you have had their products installed by a professional.  Be sure and do a final walkthrough with your installer to make certain that everything has been completed to your satisfaction before you pay your bill.

There are many highly-qualified flooring dealers available in most areas. By following these steps, you will avoid problems, stress and wasted time during your home remodeling project.