At Loudoun Valley Floors in Purcellville, VA, we often are asked whether it is better to hire us for our floor refinishing service, or is it better to just buy new hardwood flooring? We make it a point to always be honest with our customers, and we have to tell them the truth. The truth is that it depends. Here are some issues that you may find helpful if you are having problems with your hardwood flooring.
Let's start with the worst case: If your hardwood flooring was damaged due to excessive water exposure such as happen in floods or when pipes break, and the flooring has buckled or warped, you may find it less expensive to have that damaged floor removed and replaced with a new one. For most consumers, the best way to know the correct action to take is to have a professional come in and inspect the flooring. If the damage was limited to only a few planks, we may be able to replace only those planks, instead of the entire floor. After replacing the damaged planks, our floor refinishing service can be used to bring the complete floor back to new life.

On the other end of the spectrum, if your wood floors are only suffering the effects of time and wear-and-tear, our flooring refinishing service may be all that you need to get a new-looking floor. We can professionally remove the old, dull surface with careful sanding techniques, apply a new surface coat, and in less time than you might think, have your hardwood flooring looking brand new again.

Because we do not expect our customers to be experts in hardwood, we offer a free consultation service. This allows you to get all of the information that you need before you make your decision as to whether or not you need our professional floor refinishing service. We always want our customers to be fully informed, and we work hard to make sure that they are.

If you are thinking of having your wood floors refinished, come by our showroom in Purcellville, VA and let's talk. If you prefer, give us a call. We are always happy to assist in any way we can, and don't forget, when it comes to quality our floor refinishing service is second to none.