At Loudoun Valley Floors, we have many homeowners and business owners come and ask us about our floor refinishing service. In general, they want to know if our service can really turn old, dull hardwood floors into floors that look new again. The answer is yes. Their next question is usually how do you do that?

Answering this question takes a bit more time. There is nothing simple about turning an old, dull, lusterless hardwood floor back to new-looking again. In fact, in the flooring business, refinishing hardwood—the proper way—is one of the more complicated jobs we do. And, frankly, if it were not for the highly skilled professionals we have here at Loudoun Valley Floors, we could not do it.
Our floor refinishing service begins with an inspection of the flooring. We can determine what needs to be done, and we can explain this to our customers. We want our customers to know as much as possible about the process of refinishing their floors, so they can feel confident that they are working with true professionals.

If your wood flooring needs a quick repair, we will say so. We do not try to over-sell our services, and we never use those hard-sell tactics that other companies may try to use. We are a local company, with a great reputation, and we mean to keep it that way by respecting our customers in all ways possible.

If your wood flooring needs complete resurfacing, we can do that, too. We will explain the sanding process, explain how we can fix any problems that may exist, and describe how we will stain, seal, or varnish the wood once we get to that step. We will also give you a fair and honest estimate on costs, and how long it will take to complete the job.

If your wood floors are looking tired, or if you simply want to rejuvenate them to bring them back to life, visit our showroom in Purcellville, VA and let us tell you about our professional floor refinishing service and how it can help you by revitalizing your flooring.