A lot of the carpet cleaning jobs in Ashburn, VA that our team gets called out to do, are the result of stains that could have been dealt with early on before they required professional attention. Spot stains like coffee or blood are both notorious nightmare scenarios for any carpet. However, with prompt action and a little know-how, they don't have to be as scary, or costly, as they seem!

As important as a regular professional cleaning regimen is to your carpets, you don't want a single stain to be the reason you are calling in the pros. Here are some helpful stain-fighting tips to get you through the time between cleanings:


While most people would think that worrying about the possibility of getting blood on your carpet is a bit strange, the fact of the matter is that accidents happen from time to time. A slip of the knife while cooking, children with bloody noses or scraped knees, or even "presents" brought in by pets, can all lead to bloody carpets. Luckily, it's fairly easy to clean up if you know what to do and do it quickly.

The first thing you need to know is that you always use cold water when cleaning blood. Hot water causes the blood to thicken and become more entrenched in the fiber. So, you'll want to mix 2 teaspoons of grease-fighting dish soap with water in a small spritzer bottle. Lightly spray the stain to loosen it up, and begin blotting with a paper towel. Be sure to frequently change out the paper towel as you go, to avoid spreading the stain. It's also important to blot not scrub the stain to avoid spreading it.

Patience is the main thing to worry about with blood. Keep repeating the process until the stain is lifted. It may take a while, but it should come out in the end.


This is another particularly feared stain that isn't all that bad if you act quickly and intelligently. You will want to make the same concoction of water and dish soap as you would for cleaning blood, only with a 1/4 cup of vinegar added into the mix.

The method for removing the stain is basically the same as with blood. Wet the stain lightly, blot, and repeat. Again, be sure to switch out the paper toweling as you go, to avoid spreading the stain and never scrub, only dab.

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