At Loudoun Valley Floors, our Purcellville, VA showroom experts answer a lot of questions about carpet cleaners. If you want to choose the best one, it takes a bit of research. And, to be honest, you're not necessarily going to get quality service by opting for the cheapest company, or the first one you find in an online directory. Do keep in mind that you're hiring a crew to take care of your expensive surfacing material, which is quite possibly one of your home's most significant assets. As such, you want to hire professionals who have experience, not amateurs who aren't entirely sure about what they're doing. So, when it comes to deciding upon the ideal company for carpet cleaning in Purcellville, VA, we recommend you read the following top tips:

Consider the Complexity of the Process

While some companies offer steam cleaning, others provide wet cleaning or "dry" methods. In the end, homeowners have many choices for their surfacing material. However, do consider the complexity of the task at hand, and take into account the various drying times, if any. As well, you'll need to think about the products they use. Whether it's eco-friendly, chemically-enhanced, or just plain steam-powered, consider what's best for your family.

Clarify Services Included

Typically, the price quoted online is merely a base price. Depending upon what you'd like for your carpet cleaning in Ashburn, VA, make sure to ask about additional costs. For example, does their quote include stairs, high-traffic areas or moving furniture? Before making a decision, ask similar questions. 

Skip the Cheaper Crews

Look, we all want to stretch our dollars as far as they'll go, but opting for cheaper crews rarely works out. More often not, these companies offer rock-bottom pricing to get in the door. However, once they arrive and assess the surfacing material, all of a sudden, issues arise. This process is called upselling, and unfortunately, a great many companies play this game with homeowners. While your initial quote was cheap, it may end up costing you a pretty penny when the job is complete. Instead, pick a crew that's known for their reliability and quality, to avoid this upsetting scenario.