Do they stay or do they go? When it comes to hardwood floor renovations, homeowners have to figure out if their old floors are worth saving, or are simply "too old" and need a total overhaul. There's no question that hardwood flooring has a natural elegance that brings with it a stunning appeal, and is a true feature of high class and refined quality in a house. What's more, as if hardwood flooring needed another selling point, this long-lasting floor is 100% hypoallergenic. In older homes, hardwood floors also add a touch of charming history. But that "old world charm" also comes with not-so-charming features like squeaks and stains. So, when should you decide to call on a hardwood floor refinishing service, or gut that ancient dining floor?

The truth is that unless your hardwood floors are damaged beyond repair, they're most likely salvageable. Hardwood floor refinishing services have skilled and experienced contractors that can assess your floors and give you a better idea of its condition. If the problem is squeaky floors, they'll likely tighten the flooring to eliminate the disturbing noise, although this may be a temporary fix. They can also plug minor holes in the wood and patch larger damaged sections with matching wood slats. Damage due to insect infestation, such as termites, can be fixed as well by replacing wood planks, but only if the damage is limited to a small area.

Sadly, in some cases, hardwood floor refinishing service experts may tell you that your floors are beyond repair. Flooring that has too much movement between the slats cannot be re-sanded and refinished because that movement will simply damage any new finish. As well, hardwood flooring that has been re-sanded countless times, eliminating much of the wood itself, can no longer be restored. At this point, the hardwood floors would appear thin, uneven, and flooring nails would be evident. In these cases, there's simply nothing left for the hardwood floor refinishing service pros to work with.

Loudoun Valley Floors are the flooring professionals that can help you decide what to do with a home renovation. If you're thoroughly confused about your wood floors, come and visit our Purcellville, VA showroom flooring staff and we'll help you figure out if your hardwood floors should stay or go.