No matter the season or region, there's nothing quite like the inviting warmth of soft surfacing underfoot. The question is, are you taking proper care of your fibers? Unlike your laundry, you can't exactly pop your surfacing into the washing machine once a week. 

Luckily, with professional carpet cleaning in Ashburn, VA, you'll get all the help you'll need to keep your fibers smelling fresh and looking fantastic. To give you an idea of when you should call in the pros, our Loudoun Valley Floors showroom experts in Purcellville, VA have come up with these 3 signs you absolutely need to get professional carpet cleaning. There's a Stinky Smell If you often walk into a room and think, “Where's that stinky smell coming from?” then perhaps you should consider taking a whiff of your flooring. 

Most likely, that unpleasant odor is coming from there! Old stains, especially wet ones, tend to become moldy or rancid over time. Thus, a stinky smell is a sure-fire sign you need to call in the pros. There's a Lot of Coughing and Sneezing Without a doubt, when you or a family member is experiencing a lot of coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, or throat irritation, it's a clear sign that allergens, pollen, and dust are causing problems. As they habitually get trapped in soft surfacing fibers, you'll require expert carpet cleaning in Purcellville, VA, to remove all those airborne nasties. 

There's a Dull Appearance on Surfacing While your fibers may not show signs of wear-and-tear or footprints, the dull appearance of surfacing points to the need to get them treated. The sooner you contact an expert team to take care of the situation, the sooner you'll have that surfacing back to looking shiny and new! Not sure who to contact for more information on this subject? Well, there's no need to fret, because our Loudoun Valley Floors on-site showroom pros, can help answer all your soft surfacing questions. Don't be shy! Simply give us a quick call or drop by our location and we'd be happy to help!