The vast majority of homeowners who live with allergies don’t think that soft surfacing is an option when undergoing renovations, or purchasing a new home. However, the fact of the matter is, the opposite is true. Not only is soft surfacing a possibility, but it’s also a great way to trap and hold allergens altogether. Yet, while it’s an excellent way to get rid of those pesky irritants and improve air quality, it is indeed still necessary to call on the services of professional carpet cleaners from time to time.

At our Loudoun Valley Floors showroom in Purcellville, VA, our experts take the time to explain how soft surfacing acts as a filter, thus requires regular deep vacuuming and steam treatments to remove particles, and decrease the occurrence of allergic reactions. That’s because any type of filter isn’t bottomless, so you will eventually need to eliminate its contents to keep your indoor environment fresh and healthy.

Yes, You Will Need to Call the Pros!
Depending upon foot traffic, and number of household occupants, you’ll need professional steam carpet cleaning in Ashburn, VA 2-3 times a year. When there are people with allergies or asthma living in the home, the frequency will certainly increase, and quite possibly double. Regardless of these factors, a professional deep steam is needed in general to decrease overall mold growth in soft surfacing.

What Can You Do on Your Own?
Aside from calling on expert carpet cleaning in Purcellville, VA, there are several things you can do on your own regularly to minimize the likelihood of allergies and hay fever at home.

Air Quality Control – Keep annoying allergies at bay by controlling air quality into the house, by using a certified, quality HEPA air filtration system, and keeping windows and doors closed. With that said, you do need to keep track of filter changes.

Regular Vacuuming – When selecting vacuums, try not to purchase according to price. Instead, opt for a good quality vacuum that has a HEPA filter, one that has powerful suction to pick up as much dust particles as possible.

Use Door Mats – Well-placed mats help a great deal to reduce allergens, but they must be checked regularly and kept clean.

Don’t Forget Fido’s Paws! – While you may not be allergic to your sweet furry friend, don’t forget to dust off Fido’s paws before they walk into the home, without exception!