When you have carpets, it’s very important to have them professionally cleaned from time to time. While daily vacuuming and stain spot removal work wonders to keep your floors in great shape, nothing takes the place of a professional carpet cleaning in your Ashburn, VA home. There are a several reasons for this, and we’re going to look at some of the most important ones.

Loudoun Valley Floors knows the importance of a clean carpet. In fact, it’s something we offer and specialize in. We believe that professional carpet cleaning is so important for your Purcellville, VA home, that we’ll even provide a free estimate when you call and schedule with us. Our showroom is located in Purcellville, VA, and you’re welcome to stop by at any time to discuss our carpet cleaning procedures in more detail. You can also schedule your estimate at that time as well.

Things You Should Know

Daily carpet cleaning by the homeowner is a great procedure to follow. Vacuuming each day makes sure that dirt and debris don’t have time to penetrate deep into your carpet, where they can cause worsening stains and severe odors that are hard to get rid of. However, even the most meticulous homeowner can’t rid carpets of everything. That’s why professional carpet cleaning in Ashburn, VA, is so very important.

Professional cleaners utilize the latest in both cleaning solutions and machinery. This means that you’ll get the deepest most effective clean that is available. Even those hard to get rid of stains can be a thing of the past, when the right cleaning methods and supplies are used. It’s important to let your professional carpet cleaners know of any problem areas before hand, so that they can pre-treat them if necessary, to assure proper stain removal.

The higher the levels of traffic in your home, the more often you should have your carpets professionally cleaned. Since not all rooms receive the same amounts of traffic, you can get by with cleaning some rooms fewer times than others. For instance, bedrooms won’t have to be cleaned nearly as often as entryways and living areas. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to have your carpets cleaned at least once every twelve to eighteen months, to insure the best results.