We see a lot of promotions for super cheap flooring these days. Everybody loves a bargain, but when you’re comparing estimates, it’s important to be sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Some of those low-ball prices don’t show you the full picture and involve hidden costs. In other cases, unbelievable prices are an indicator of low quality, which doesn’t save money in the long run. When you’re getting estimates from multiple companies, what’s on the table can vary. Different companies present estimates in different ways. As consumers, we have more choices than ever, so it’s important to do your research and know what questions to ask. 

Comparing Estimates: What Questions Should I Be Asking?

When looking at carpet and flooring estimates, you want to be sure that you’re making a direct comparison. Some key questions can help you make sure you’re getting the complete picture:

  • Does the quoted price include both flooring and installation? This is probably the most important question you can ask your contractor. A lot of times those too good to be true prices are bare-bones costs for materials only. The reality is that skilled installation is key to a gorgeous floor. You want installers who can effectively communicate with you about your needs, who have the training needed to install the flooring you choose and who understand the materials they’re working with. Without a skilled and competent team behind them, those unbelievable prices don’t mean very much.
  • Are there other extras to include? When you see a quote in a big box store, it’s typically for the price per square foot of the flooring and then the price per square foot for the installation labor. Rarely does it include other extras that may be needed. Here are some things you’ll want to ask about:
    • Removal and disposal of existing floor/carpet
    • Underlayment or padding that goes down before the flooring product
    • Quarter round (also called shoe mould) for hard surface flooring
    • Removing/replacing furniture
    • Travel time
  • Where do you source your flooring? The quality of flooring and carpet you choose matters. In flooring, even more so than other home improvement products, durability is key, and low quality can be disastrous. When you’re investing in a new floor or carpet, it doesn’t make sense to opt for low quality. It often doesn’t give you the finished product you’re looking for and will likely have to be replaced in a much shorter time frame. Loudoun Valley Floors’ longtime relationship with solid brands like Mohawk, Shaw, Armstrong and many others allows us to have full confidence in the quality of the materials we use. Mohawk is known for top-quality Karastan and stain-resistant carpets along with gorgeous hardwood, luxury vinyl and the best laminate wood products. And you don’t have to settle for low quality if you’re looking for a lower price point. We offer excellent materials at a wide range of prices.
  • Does the product include a warranty? Warranties vary from company to company, but in general, the higher quality the product, the better the warranty. Mohawk Flooring not only offers some of the best quality products around but also some of the best warranties, including high-tech stain-resistant carpet lines with warranties protecting against pet stains. Our clients are blown away by this level of protection. The price may be higher but it’s worth every penny. You’ll benefit from your investment when you don’t need to replace your carpet in just a few years.

Comparing Estimates: Do Your Research

For some companies, a well-informed consumer is not ideal. But when you offer the best products and service, you want your customers to do their research. When choosing a service provider for new flooring, the more information you have about the materials used and the processes involved, the better value you’ll be able to get. And when we say value, we’re not just talking about the lowest price. We’re talking about the best quality and return on investment. If you know what the best products are and how they’re made, you’ll understand why paying a little bit more is usually worth it.

Getting the Facts from Loudoun Valley Floors

One thing we occasionally hear on social media is that our quality is top-notch, but our prices seem a little higher. This is why comparing apples to apples and focusing on value rather than just price is so important.

  • When you get an estimate from us, it includes both materials and installation from the most knowledgeable and efficient team around.
  • Our high-quality flooring and carpeting choices are durable and long-lasting. Be sure to factor in short-term replacement costs if you’re looking at cheaper flooring options.
  • Our trusted suppliers offers some of the best warranties in the business; customer satisfaction is their main focus and ours, too. Together, we stand by the quality of our products and our work.
When we give you an estimate, we’ll explain in detail what it involves. We also welcome questions and input from clients. We know that when you do your research, you’re more likely to understand the real value that great materials and knowledgeable installers bring to the table...or the floor!