At Loudoun Valley Floors, we know that a good hardwood floor refinishing service is one of the most important services for homeowners with hardwood flooring. Refinishing can bring hardwood flooring back to life, making it look like a brand new floor.

There are many reasons you might choose to have your hardwood floor refinished. Perhaps there are scuffs and scratches that are becoming more and more visible. Maybe there’s been a lot of wear from shoe heels or net nails. It could also be that your hardwood just doesn’t have the shine it used to have.

Whatever the reason, an affordable hardwood floor refinishing service is just what you need.

The Refinishing Process
The refinishing process used for your personal floors will be dependent upon several factors, but some basics remain the same:

• Your wood floor will be resanded, removing marks, scratches and other imperfections. This will bring them back to a smooth surface with which our professionals can work.
• Wood can be stained to your choice of colors. At this point, you can go with the classic real look of wood, or you can go with something brand new and creative. The choice is yours.
• Finally, the floors will be polished and a top coat applied so that they will be both protected and have a beautiful, brand new shine.

The Benefits of Refinishing
Making use of a hardwood floor refinishing service can provide you with a great many benefits. It will almost certainly be cheaper than putting in new flooring, yet the overall appearance will be like brand new. Because of this, your entire home will take on a more upscale, new look.

Since a brand new coat of protection will be applied to your flooring during the refinishing process, your hardwood's lifespan will be increased dramatically. Future damage will not make nearly the impact on a newly refinished hardwood floor.

Finally, if you are looking to sell your home, a hardwood floor refinishing service will increase the overall value of your home. The additional value may even be enough to make up for the service itself.

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