It’s not complicated, but a carpet will need to be properly maintained so the floor is always the jewel in the crown of your Ashburn, VA home; and that includes professional cleaning at least every 12 to 18 months.

Our carpet cleaners tell us they hear the same questions over and over again, so let’s debunk those carpet cleaning myths once and for all, Ashburn, VA.

1.Myth #1: Baking soda gets rid of odors. No! It does absorb, so the odors will be temporarily masked, but rest assured, they will come back. Plus, and you know this if you have a dog, they can smell what we can’t. That means while you think the odors are gone, they aren’t to the dog who will just keep going back to that same spot.
2.Myth #2: “I can use any soap, it’ll be fine.” Stains are different and what may work for one may not work for another. What’s more, fibers are all different, and you can actually do some damage to your fiber if you choose the wrong thing, The carpet experts at Loudoun Valley in Purcellville, know exactly what to use when for cleaning.
3.Myth #3: “Steam cleaning makes mildew grow.” Here’s how that myth got started, and why it’s untrue if you have the professionals do it.
●When you just use one of those steam rental machines, one of the biggest rookie mistakes is to use too much water. The rug gets soaked all the way down to the padding. You’ll let it air-dry, but it can take at least a day (more, probably) to dry, and mildew only needs 12 hours to start growing.
●Those rental machines also don’t have the kind of power to really go deep into fibers, so there is most likely dirt left, as well as some soap (another rookie mistake; using too much) That provides “food” for mildew, just one more thing to help it grow.

Carpet cleaners use high-powered fans to dry.

4.Myth #4: Vacuuming hurts the fibers. This one really makes us laugh! Of course, there are some things you shouldn’t do, such as keeping beater bars on (although that’s often not a good idea for many things), but all in all, we promise vacuuming won’t hurt your carpet.

Feel free to come into the Purcellville, VA showroom for Loudoun Valley Floors if you still have questions.