Let’s ask you a question: When you get a spot on something, say, an article of clothing, do you wash it immediately, or rush it off to the dry cleaners?
So why don’t you do that for your carpet cleaning, Ashburn, VA? If it’s not been cleaned in a long time, it will probably never look really clean. That’s because difficult, set stains can only be removed by heavy-duty equipment, and not those DIY rental machines. They just can’t match the kind of heat and power the professional machines have.

That’s just one reason why that’s one way, to protect your investment. It’s common knowledge that the more you take care of something, the longer it will last.

There are many others which we’ll get to in a minute, but, first, find out about the best carpet cleaning in Purcellville, VA, at Loudoun Valley Floors. Whether at our showroom in Purcellville, or where you live in Ashburn, our carpet cleaners are certified, bonded, and we guarantee our work. They all undergo rigorous training, so you can get the very best from our people.

It’s also important to understand how each type of fiber responds to carpet cleaning, Ashburn, VA. For instance, something may work great with a polyester fiber, but not-so-well with nylon. We know which techniques will be most successful with each, and we won’t use any kind of soap or chemical that can harm your fiber. We also know how to handle different stains; they just aren’t all alike (although that would make it a lot easier if they were!)

One of the biggest mistakes people make (that even includes some professionals, sadly) is that they use too much soap, don’t rinse it all out, and then don’t dry the carpet fast and thoroughly. It doesn’t take long for mold to grow, and that will result in your house getting that “funny” smell, one that never comes out. At that point, the only alternative is to replace the carpet, because, not only is the smell really unpleasant, but the mold will trigger asthma, allergies and all kind of health problems for your family.

Finally, and this should really convince you, check your warranty. Some manufacturers insist in writing that the carpet must be cleaned every 12 to 18 months to be covered.

Come check out Loudoun Valley Floors to let our experts tell you more about the importance of professional cleaning. Our showroom is in Purcellville, VA.