Professional carpet cleaning can actually save residents of Ashburn, VA money in the long-term. It extends the life of the rug. Compare it to an article of clothing. If you don’t send that to the cleaners, stains set in, it always looks dull and dirty, and might even seem frayed and worn in places, so you end up replacing it when regular cleaning, at a fraction of the cost, could have kept it going.

When dirt builds up in rugs, they get matted and dull. Soil is also like little razor blades that scratch and fray fibers, making it look worm. Also check the warranty; they often include clauses requiring professional cleaning; non-compliance results in a void contract.

Do-It-Yourself or Professional?

Carpet cleaners at Loudoun Valley Floors explain why those DIY rental steam machines in supermarkets and hardware stores can’t do the job.

Even though it’s commonly called just “steam cleaning,” it’s really carpet cleaning via “hot water extraction,” Purcellville, VA. That means extremely hot water and soap is showered on the rug, then drawn back into the machine with the dirt.

DIY machines don’t have power to suck out the amount of water and dirt that the professional ones do, and that’s the kind of carpet cleaning that will make your floors the “jewel in the crown” in your Ashburn, VA home.

Proper drying is also important, and when the pros get done, the rug is only slightly damp, and strong fans are used to be sure it’s completely dry, all the way down to the padding.

If left damp for too long, mold and mildew will have an opportunity to grow, wreak havoc, and give your house an odor you’ll never be able to get rid of.

Can I Do Anything to Take Care of My Floors Between Cleanings?

Regular vacuuming is critical to remove surface dirt. If possible, take shoes off before entering the room, and wipe up any spills immediately. Furniture should be moved around from time to time, so as not to give stains and spills the opportunity to hide, and to make it easier for you to “get under” and clean.

Most important, it keeps the floor from getting those “worn spots caused by continuous foot traffic. Come into the Loudoun Valley Floors showroom in Ashburn, VA, to learn more.