When it comes to creating space, think of your floor as a fifth wall. It’s incredible to see how finding the right flooring can make a small room look dramatically bigger. Choosing the right flooring can help you go from claustrophobic to bright and airy.

How Can Hard Flooring Make My Room Look Bigger?

There are tons of choices in hard flooring. When you’re working with a small space, every decision matters. From size to color to layout, here are some easy ways to make your room seem bigger:

Plank/tile size: when it comes to hard flooring, bigger is better. It may seem counterintuitive, but wider planks and bigger tiles work best in a small space. That’s because fewer seams and grout lines make the room look more spacious. With hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl, shoot for planks at least 5 inches wide. Think big when it comes to tile, too. Whether you’re choosing ceramic or vinyl, look for tiles 12 to 24 inches wide.

Color: when we think about a spacious room, blonde wood often comes to mind. Floor color plays a major role in making your small space seem larger. We often recommend light colors to give the room an airy feel. For example, blonde, light brown, or whitewashed hardwood can make the room seem more open. Tiles and laminate in lighter neutral colors like light gray can also create that airy and bright feeling as they reflect rather than absorb light. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to say no to a darker color. Dark flooring can create a sense of space when paired with light-colored walls. A glossy finish can also help make the room pop, especially with a darker color.

Placing planks parallel with the longer edge of the room creates a spacious feel.

When choosing tile, a diagonal or diamond placement can create a sense of space.

Go for consistency: using the same flooring in adjoining rooms can make both rooms look bigger.

How Can My Carpet Make My Room Look Bigger?

Just like hard flooring, light colors can create a sense of space with carpet. The right patterns and textures can also help expand a room before your eyes.

Color: as with hard flooring, white carpet or a light color like beige or light gray can add brightness and a sense of space.
Patterns: we generally recommend smaller patterns for smaller spaces, and simple lines tend to work better than busy designs. Vertical stripes are an excellent choice for small rooms, while subtle shading can help create an illusion of space.

Texture: Cut-loop carpet is trending again and offers a contemporary look that works well in small spaces. The cut-loop style combines cut fibers with loop fibers so designers can create subtle patterns from waves to geometric designs.

Can the Right Rug Make My Room Feel Bigger?

Finding the right-size rug for your small space is a terrific way to expand a room. Contrary to what you might think, smaller usually isn’t better. To create a sense of space, find a rug that leaves just 4 to 8 inches of flooring visible on each side. This is where a custom-sized rug can be a perfect choice.

Finally, when it comes to rugs, bright colors and fun patterns aren’t always a no-no in small spaces. Sometimes a brightly colored rug can add pop and create a focal point that’s just what a small room needs.
Small is Beautiful with Loudoun Valley Floors

What’s the secret to achieving your design goals in a small room? Finding a flooring contractor to help you make the very best style, material, and color choices. At Loudoun Valley Floors, we make the most of spaces large and small. Every home is an opportunity to meet design challenges with creativity and insight. Our team has the experience to make great suggestions and help you make the right calls. From hard flooring that seems to stretch out a room to custom rugs for that perfect fit, we’ve got the tips and tools to create just the right look.