When we think about flooring with resale in mind, we usually think about two things: return on investment and creating an atmosphere that will make buyers want to live in your home.

With that in mind, there are a number of things to consider including home value, neighborhood comparisons and how long you plan to stay in your home. If you’re looking to make a quick update before selling, for example, your choice is likely going to be different than if you’re doing a remodel for your own family but thinking about resale value down the road.

Best Flooring for Remodeling with Resale In Mind

  • Hardwood: If you’re remodeling for your own long or medium-term use but also keeping resale value in mind for down the road, hardwood is an excellent choice. Durable, beautiful hardwood is so often the dream flooring of choice for clients looking to remodel. It’s impressive when it comes time to sell and easy to update before putting your house on the market with a professional refinishing.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo flooring is another super-popular material with real estate agents and clients, offering a fresh, contemporary look in a range of hot colors. It’s usually comparable in price to hardwood. It’s easy to clean and, like hardwood, thick, high-quality bamboo flooring can be refinished.
  • Engineered Wood: Many of our clients who are fixing up 20th Century homes are choosing engineered wood. This less expensive hardwood substitute uses a thin layer of hardwood on top of a layer of solid plywood. Since it’s usually thinner than natural hardwood, it’s often a better fit when replacing carpeting or old-school parquet flooring in older homes.

Best Flooring for a Custom Built Home

What we see more and more often in Loudoun is clients building custom homes for for their own families while keeping resale in the picture. Many of our clients build a home during the preschool or elementary school years with the idea of staying in their homes until the kids get through school in their district of choice. We’re often making plans with 10 or 15 years until resale, although many clients really do plan and build their long-term “forever” homes.

While many custom-build clients opt for high-quality hardwood with elegance, durability and resale value in mind, we’re also seeing new homeowners select wood-look laminate or luxury vinyl tile for living spaces. The latest high-quality laminate designs look stunning and contemporary with trending colors like charcoals and grays. These are an excellent, lower-cost choice, especially if you don’t necessarily see yourself in your new home for the next several decades.

Best Flooring for a Quick Turnaround

If you’re looking to make some quick, easy and relatively inexpensive changes before putting your home on the market, laminate flooring and high-quality nylon carpet are terrific choices.

You’d be amazed at the difference replacing a worn carpet in an outdated color with a new carpet in a stylish neutral can make. Grays, browns and taupes give your home a fresh, up to date look, and with a reputable brand like Karastan or Mohawk, you can get high-quality nylon carpet at a reasonable cost. Replacing carpet with a contemporary laminate is another popular and relatively inexpensive option if you want to upgrade before hitting the market without breaking the bank.

Flooring for Resale: Think Kitchens and Bathrooms

Many contractors and real estate agents agree that updating your kitchen and baths can offer the most bang for your buck in terms of resale value. Replacing a dated, old-fashioned or worn floor in the kitchen and baths can often be a lower-cost pick me up that means a lot to buyers. Consider replacing tiles in dated colors with a neutral color palette and ask about using high quality waterproof luxury vinyl tile in both kitchen and baths.

Reflooring for Resale: Return on Investment is Key

When planning a new floor with resale in mind, keep in mind the total value of your home and what neighborhood comparisons have to offer. It doesn’t make sense to put a ton of money into expensive hardwood in a budget townhouse. The idea is to come up with a solution that will impress and engage buyers while still allowing you to recoup your costs. We encourage you to talk with your real estate agent and the experienced professionals at Loudoun Valley Floors about what will look best in your home and what fits your budget. We’ll look at the style and flow of your home and talk with you about long and short term resale plans and work with you to find the flooring option that’s just right for your needs.