Over time, your carpet can not only become worn, but it can also become dingy, dirty, and smelly. None of these aspects are appealing, and you might have tried a variety of things to freshen things up. The best way is to opt for professional carpet cleaning in your Ashburn, VA home. Our associates not only have tons of experience in making sure your floors are clean through and through, but we have all the newest tools and solutions to make sure no stain or smell escapes our thorough cleaning of your floors.
Carpet cleaning can be a tricky endeavor, especially if you’ve never cleaned a carpet before. How much cleaning solution do you use? Do you steam clean or shampoo? Is it best to get the floor as wet as possible? These are all questions that may have gone through your mind if you’ve tried it yourself. The truth is, it’s a very detailed process and the specific fiber and needs of your flooring will determine the best approach to making them look and smell best.
If you have large, heavy pieces of furniture with wooden legs, it’s sometimes best to move these pieces before a carpet cleaning in your Purcellville, VA home. Trying to clean around these can often create problems, especially if the furniture legs get wet. Wood stain can leech into your wet floor if specific measures are not taken to avoid it, or your wood could become damaged due to dampness. It’s always best to take measure to make sure this doesn’t happen.
If you have allergy sufferers living with you, they are likely to notice an almost immediate improvement in the air quality of the home. Let’s face it, ridding your home of allergens like dust, pollen, and pet dander can make a huge difference you might not even have noticed before. You’ll notice an improvement in the smell, as well. Even if your space wasn’t exactly foul-smelling, there’s just something about a freshly cleaned carpet that’s absolutely refreshing.
For more information about carpet cleaning, or to set up an appointment for your own home, contact Loudoun Valley Floors today. We look forward to seeing you at our showroom in Purcellville, VA.