If you’re renovating a house, or remodeling a condo or apartment for rental purposes, deciding which color of hardwood flooring to get can be an intimidating process. One reason selecting the perfect color can seem so overwhelming is due to the sheer number of shades available. From dark oak browns to golden oak colors, to distressed red tones, to beautiful cherry finishes and more, it is great to have options, but narrowing down the benefits of each hue will help you to choose just the right color for your design purposes. Follow these easy guidelines to discover how to select the floor color that will bring both beauty and practicality to your space.

Ideal Shades for Rental Homes and Apartments

A couple of things to consider when choosing a floor color for a rental home are the need to have a neutral shade that will work well for diverse tastes in design, as well as a color that can hold up to frequent traffic. Many times, college students or busy professionals come and go through their rentals and don’t have a lot of time to clean floors. A medium to light shade, such as a light antiqued oak brown will be ideal for rental homes. This shade does not show footprints as much as its darker counterparts, and it is also neutral enough to compliment a variety of design styles.

When you’re remodeling a rental home or apartment, it’s important to keep in mind that some renters may prefer traditional design themes while others may enjoy modern or industrial styles. The light brown hues will be flexible for many different décor themes, and it will also maintain an attractive appearance in a high-traffic area.

Functional and Beautiful Shades for Pet Owners

Pet owners should consider the following before choosing a hardwood color:

  • Does my pet shed frequently?
  • Do I need a floor that will not need to be swept or dust-mopped daily?
  • Do my pets go in and out a lot?

If your pet sheds on a regular basis, a darker color may not be the best option, unless you’re willing to clean the floor several times a week. Darker colors, such as a formal red, dark walnut brown, or a mahogany, will show pet hairs and dusty footprints far more than the lighter shades will reveal. However, if you’re someone who daily runs a duster over your floor and you love the darker colors, then this option will still be practical for you. Easy-to-maintain colors for pet owners include light pine, golden oak, and distressed greys. Not only will these shades blend well with numerous types of design styles, but they also help to maintain your sanity if you don’t have the time to clean daily.

The Best Shades for Offices

When choosing a flooring color for your office, you need to consider the following:

  • Will my office have a lot of foot traffic?
  • Will my office be formal or informal?
  • What type of atmosphere do I want to set for customers or clients?
  • Will I have a regular cleaning person or will I be responsible for cleaning and tidying the office at the end of each day?
  • Do I live in an area where it is dusty or gets a lot of rain?

If your office is going to be a formal office, such as a law, accounting, advertising, or medical business, setting a formal to the semi-formal atmosphere is typical. This formal atmosphere can be enhanced by beautiful cherry or antique coffee-colored floors, and sophisticated grey colors also work well. If you’ll have a regular cleaning service, that may help you to determine if you need a low, medium, or high-maintenance color. If someone is designated to clean the floors each day, you can easily get away with a beautiful formal color, and the antique coffee-colored floors are very “in” for offices.

If your office is going to be informal and more relaxed in atmosphere, you’ll also want to consider the type of furniture you’ll have in your office. If you have dark-colored bookcases and desks, you’ll probably want to avoid pine and light oak or bamboo-colored finishes. Grey is a beautiful color for floors that compliments a lot of different furniture, and it also has a modern, urban appeal, making it an ideal shade for business use.

Selecting a Floor Color that Suits My Style

Chestnut hickory or a light oak chestnut offers an attractive blend of warmth and functionality for busy individuals and families. These types of medium-shade colors do not show every footprint, and they work well with traditional, rustic, lodge, and early-American design themes. For more contemporary and urban designs, silver oak, bamboo colors, and acacia blends offer uniqueness and an urban style. No matter which type of style you’re shooting for, contacting Loudoun Valley Floors is the first step to take to see your options in hardwoods and to receive professional assistance in selecting premium products that will meet all your flooring needs.