You may think a carpet is a carpet, but the experts know that not all carpets are created equal. For style and durability, nothing can match a Karastan. Karastan is an enduring brand that people turn to when they want quality flooring. Let’s take a look at what makes it so special.

What Is Karastan Carpet?
Karastan is a high-quality carpet brand produced by industry leader Mohawk Flooring. The Karastan brand was launched in 1928 with the goal of recreating the quality and luxury of a handmade Oriental rug with a commercial loom. Since then, Karastan has become the gold standard for high-quality carpeting and can be found in beautiful homes around the world. Here are some of the elements that make Karastan the very best:

Karastan’s High-Quality Materials
Over the last century, Karastan has earned a reputation for quality, durability and easy cleaning. This commitment starts with the materials used. Karastan’s New Zealand wool is sustainably raised and spun, dyed and woven by the company for quality control. Wool is the most luxurious and durable carpet material available and is natural and surprisingly easy to clean.

For excellent quality at a lower cost, Karastan also offers carpets in a range of sustainably produced synthetic fibers including nylon, acrylic, unique SmartStrand fibers made by Dupont and polyester made from Karastan’s own plastic bottle recycling facility.

Karastan’s Quality Is Woven In
To understand Karastan’s value, it helps to know a little bit about how carpets are made. Most mass-produced carpets are made using a process called tufting. Tufted carpet uses a pre-made backing with yarn pushed through the backing and hooked in back. It’s faster and cheaper but much less durable.

Like handmade rugs, Karastan carpets are woven, not tufted. Woven carpeting uses interlaced yarns to create a high-quality integrated backing. Almost all carpeting these days is tufted because it’s easier and cheaper, but woven carpets are more durable. Pile density, or the amount of yarn used in the carpet and how closely the carpet is woven, is another important factor in durability, and Karastan’s dense pile is another key to its reputation for quality.

Easy Cleaning With Karastan
From high-quality nylons that are super easy to clean for families with children and pets to natural wool that’s surprisingly easy to clean, ease of maintenance is one of the most attractive features of Karastan carpets.

Karastan’s Reputation for Safety and Sustainability
Karastan’s commitment to safety and sustainability is well known. This means sourcing sustainably raised wool from New Zealand and overseeing every step of the transformation from natural wool to beautiful flooring. It also means using renewably sourced polymers in synthetic fibers, including operating a plastic bottle recycling facility that transforms plastic into luxurious synthetic fibers. And unlike many cheaper brands, Karastan takes steps to ensure that even its synthetic yarns do not create unsafe or toxic emissions that could be dangerous for children or pets

Unparalleled Style from Karastan
Over the last 90 years, Karastan’s commitment to quality has stayed firm, but its fabulous style has changed with the times. Karastan offers gorgeous contemporary colors, textures and patterns. Patterns range from florals, stripes and geometric patterns. And color choices are perfect for style-conscious consumers. Karastan’s luxurious yarn is looped and cut to create a range of textures from classic short Berber to deep-cut plush to highly textured styles. You’ll be amazed at the choices and Loudoun Valley Flooring will help you find the perfect fit for your home.

Loudoun Loves Karastan
Loudoun County is known around the nation for its unparalleled quality of life, gorgeous homes and warm, welcoming neighborhoods. A stunning Loudoun home with cheap carpets just doesn’t make sense. There are great, common-sense ways to save money when decorating your home, but skimping on carpeting just isn’t one of them. The experienced professionals at Loudoun Valley Flooring can help you choose the perfect high-quality Karastan carpet to complete any room and install it with skill and precision. There are so many reasons it’s our carpet of choice, and we look forward to sharing them with you.