Warmer spring weather always seems to inspire a fresh start: spring cleaning, new gardens and even some home improvements. If you’re thinking about changing up your flooring and want something new and fresh, fear not – below are some great options to consider.

Hard Surfaces

While real hardwood flooring is timeless and always in style, two products that are really popular right now are luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank. Both have come far in quality and appearance. In many cases, the terms are interchangeable and basically refer to the same type of flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Also called LVT, this flooring option is made to resemble hardwood or stone flooring. Some of the benefits of choosing LVT are:

• Attractive appearance: 3D printing technology adds depth and realism to this product – allowing it to mimic the texture of natural stone or wood.

• Durability and resilience: LVT is a great option for kids and pets. It’s resistant to staining, water, moisture, scuffing, denting and scratching.

• Lower cost: Installation and maintenance are less expensive than traditional, natural flooring. In fact, LVT can be installed over existing flooring in some cases.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Also known as LVP, this flooring type looks like hardwood, but has many advantages:

• More affordable: You can save thousands by choosing LVP over traditional hardwood.

• Varied looks: The options for appearance are seemingly endless. From deep mahogany to silvered barn wood, you’re almost guaranteed to find the perfect style.

• Versatility and durability: Because it’s water resistant, it’s safe to use LVP in damp areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens and basements. And just like LVT, it’s super durable and will stand up to years of family wear and tear.

Taking the Look Up a Notch

As far as trendy looks for hard surfaces this year, you’ll see a lot of textured flooring that mimics wood, such as handscraped, distressed and wire brushed looks. Unique patterns and widths are also becoming more popular – so go ahead and get creative and try herringbone, hexagon, mixed width and diagonal layouts.

Soft Surfaces

It may come as no surprise, but carpet is still king when it comes to bedrooms and family rooms. You just can’t beat the comfort and feeling underfoot. It’s also much nicer to sit on than hard flooring – which can be nice for younger kids.

What’s hot in carpet right now?
• Complementary colors: We’re seeing a lot of taupe, grey tones or grays mixed with browns to complement wood furnishings and gray decor.

•  Textured look: Textured carpets and tone-on-tone patterns are popular right now.

•  Pops of color: Runners are serving as a pop of color in otherwise neutral areas or over hard flooring.

Style that Lasts

At the end of the day, make sure the flooring types and styles you choose will keep you happy – and stay in good condition – for the long haul. For flooring that is both fashionable and enduring, visit a Loudoun Valley Floors showroom and let us show you our bestsellers and most popular trends. We have a variety of flooring that will complement both your style and budget.